Become An Exhibitor

Maximise your brand. Grow sales. Reach new customers.

Why Become An Exhibitor?

In an increasingly hyperconnected and busy world, more and more people are looking to ‘create’ and ‘make’ with their own hands. Our new show format aims to inspire visitors (of all levels and ages) to learn a new art, fall in love with that craft, and gain the skills and tools they need to start their own creative journey.

Our shows of a 30-year heritage can give your business high levels of exposure to an engaged audience of all skill levels. Our new show format brings a diverse yet complementary range of arts together in one place – attracting an equally diverse audience looking for ideas, new products, skills, inspiration, information and connections.

Maximise your brand exposure, increase sales or get your personal brand noticed by offering one of the following at our shows:

  • Run hands-on paid workshops or classes
  • Provide Live Demonstrations
  • Showcase your product or service in an Exhibitor Stand
  • Sell your products, tools or services via a Retail Stand
  • Provide Food, Beverages or other services to visitors
  • Sponsor our event.

Contact our events team ASAP to secure your place.

Video provided courtesy of Production Oz.

Our visitors come:

To Buy

To Learn

To Be Inspired

Delivering buyers


The buying power of a consumer buyer show is high, with 59% of all visitors intending to make a purchase


On average 38% of visitors claim to visit consumer shows in cities other than their own



62% of visitors state that information is the major reason they attend exhibitions.


21% of visitors decided to attend the show because they have attended before

Preplanned attendance


53% of visitors plan to attend a show a week or more before it opens


82% of the respondents who had travelled from out of town and state did so specifically to attend the show